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Cheekyheads aims to bring the joy of reading to the life of the younger generation, who are born to the area of tablets and e-books. With the help of the app young users are able to read from a growing list of colorful stories, learn English, broaden their vocabulary with the help of quizzes and colorful animations. 

Mobil alkalmazás fejlesztés – Cheekyheads 1
Mobil alkalmazás fejlesztés – Cheekyheads 2

The ovearll purpose of the project was to create a playful app with colorful animations, custom sounds, and interesting images, and customizable colour. The application was  written using native technologies, Swift for iOS and Java for Android. 

The application aims the UK and the US market. Our customer is looking for further funding for his project in a Kickstarter campaign.
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Are you interested how the app looks while in use? Get it on the App Store, or Google Play.


A Cheekyheads fejlesztési folyamata alatt minden nap megbizonyosodhattunk arról, hogy a Mindtechapps csapatának tagjai szakmájuk iránt elhivatott fiatalok. Az alkalmazás programozása a legjobb kezekben van.

Mezei Tamás, Cheekyheads

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