TrainDHD – Next generation ADHD training

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The problem

Young patients suffering from ADHD, Autism, Asperger or other similar diseases are unable to give a proper feedback about their condition. Special education trainers trying to improve the condition of these patients without “seeing” their brain.

Also, current Neurofeedback trainings are expensive, and stressful for the patients, while they consume a lot of time and are carried out in laboratories or hospitals.

Our solution

  • Finds the best rehabilitation practice for each individual
    Our system consists of a Neurosky EEG headset and a smartphone with the TrainDHD application. TrainDHD helps trainers to find the best rehabilitation practices. Special education trainers are performing various training tasks, our software processes the patients brainwaves and finds the task that caused the highest raise in attention level. It means that TrainDHD helps to find the best personal rehabilitation method. Our system helps special education teachers to “take a look” at the paitens brain.
  • Actively trains patients
    During the automated neurofeedback training patients are watching their favorite movies. If they are paying attention, the movie is clearly visible. As soon as the patient is not paying attention, the video starts to fade into black. With the help of our system, trainings can be carried out in any enviroment lowering the stress factor affecting patients.
  • Uses advanced technology
    The data storage of the application is cloud based. Currently our algorithms are based on statistic methods, but we are planning to provide more advanced data analysis using artificial intelligence.


    TrainDHD has already achieved an outstanding succes it was awarded first at Be- Smart! Hungarian E-Health Day Dusseldorf.


    We are planning to distribute our solution in a B2B model for special education teachers and special education schools as a full service package. The package will include the Neurosky headset, the application and tech support.

    Research partners

    We believe that academic collaboration is a main principal for E-health projects, we are developing our solution in cooperation with the Pazmany Peter Catholic University Faculty of IT & Bionics and the  Hungarian Academy Of Sciences Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology.

    Intrested in collaboration? Contact us by mail or use or contact form to get in touch.