Android iOS application developement

Simple. Fast. Secure.

Looking for a professional developer team for your application? Just let us know what you have in mind. As simple as that, we will take care of the rest. Drop us a mail about your app, or just let App Creator help you with describing your Android/iOS application.



 Provide us an outline of your app’s user interface

It can be in any format, show us an image drawn by paint, design described in words or something more detailed, like an image created in Adobe Illustrator, our professional designers will take care of your ideas and turn them into a stunning User Interface.

Function & Development

 Describe  your app’s main purpose.

Is it going to be a web shop based on your existing website, a useful tool for your business partner, or a unique communication tool? Does your app needs to be integrated with your existing services? You own a startup looking for a developer team? Try to provide as many details about your applications expected function as you can.

  Be part of the process

We believe that continuous interaction and discussions during the development process can lead to an awesome, user-friendly application. However, if you don’t have that much time, we won’t bother you with too many questions.

 Track your project

We are using our unique Mindtech Tracking System, so you will be able to stay up to date with your project.


   Free or paid?

Do you want us to set up a Google Play/App Store publishing account for you, or publish the app under Mindtech’s developer account? Are your app going to be free, paid or licensed?  If you’re confused about it we’ll discuss it later, or you can read this article about publishing.

User Experience

 UX testing –  for a stunning user experience

Maybe the app you’ve imagined seems to be simple to you but can be confusing to your users. So why not ask them? We can perform a variety of user experience tests to get the most of your application.

  Support & Updates  – developing doesn’t end with publishing  

You must be sure that your application is always up to date, keeping up with the latest trends and technological development. Or you just change your mind and want to add a new feature to your app.  We can help you dealing with your and your customer’s issues, even after publishing.

   Ad campaigns – it’s not going to download itself

“Just publish the app and users will download it immediately” – Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Without advertising, your application gets lost in the mass of other apps, and no-one going to download yours. If you prefer, our professionals will design your ad campaigns and make sure that your new development will get to the users.