Mindtech // Apps

We are an innovative app developer company aiming to deliver the best applications for Android and iOS. If you would meet us, you’ll see tech nerds – those guys, who are standing in line for the new iPhone, or watching Google keynote together while coding. Or that guy who spends hours on installing an Android system on his iPhone. Simply just for fun. We are not only programming because it’s our job, rather because it’s our passion.

Tamas Kralik Mindtech CEOTamas Kralik // CEO

I founded Mindtech  in 2015 August,  to utilize state of the art EEG technologies, and integrate these with smartphone applications a way that has never been done before. Now we are developing apps controlled by brainwaves and blinks, and helping disabled patients with our apps around the world. If you are looking for an innovative, secure, and precise development team for your application, than you’ve already found it.


Our first app, MemoryBlink is the first EEG based blink controlled smartphone app that is fully blink controlled, and designed for patients suffering from locked in syndrome. With this application we have created a new generation in application design. The app was awarded first prize at Falling Walls Lab.

We never stop innovating, we are also working on applications that are able to detect the brainwaves of the users with the help of Neurosky EEG headsets. Brainwave detection can be useful in medical diagnostic methods and attention level detection tasks. The team has also developd an application at the IEEE BrainHackathon, an innovative programming contest focusing on brain -computer interaction.

Despite our scientific results, we believe that innovation can be a leading force in all fields of software development. We will always be ready to bring new ideas to your application.


MemoryBlink, Mintdtech’s first application was awarded 1st at the Falling Walls Lab Budapest Innovation contest, and was a finalist on the Falling Walls Lab Berlin.
Our rehabilitational application system consists of an EEG based blink controlled communication app, e-book reader app and MemoryBlink. You can read more about our EEG based applications at mindtech.hu. This system has earned us an award at Be Smart startup innovation contest hosted by the Budapest Enterprise Innovation Agency.


We are developing our medical – technology applications in cooperation with the Pazmany Peter Catholic University’s Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics and the Hungarian Institute of  Sciences (MTA) Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology.