We are the go-getters

When it comes to mobile app development, the real challenge is not to hire the right team, but to create and maintain a good relationship between the team and the client.




The core of our processes are based on the key factors of successful development. This way we can assure that our client is not only satisfied with the outcome, but also empowered by unlocked potential.

Good Work Code
  • We work transparently

    Communication with clients and team should always be open and honest.

  • We believe in shared values

    We firmly believe in understanding and ownership of your goals and values in order to create value for both of us in alignment with our mission.

  • We build trust

    Transparent processes and knowing your goals helps our team to create value for your company and your customers. Thanks to our approach we can assure you that your project is in good hands, and every item on your invoice will be self-explanatory.

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The early years

The staggering discovery that launched Mindtech Apps on its path of success

By 2014 mobile app development was thought to have peaked, but the last decade has been proved the opposite.

To date, there are several unexploited potential areas and user needs, waiting for the proper digital solution. People with reduced mobility were the ones of many users for whom the application development was only at an early stage when Tamas, during his information technology and bionics studies, has identified the need of obstacle-free apps.
By that time, because of the increased use of applications, the development services' cost-effectiveness had increased steeply - from 2012 to 2014, the use of mobile apps rose by 76%.

These factors made Tamas think that it was the right time to serve users, whose quality of life would have been improved by mobile technology, but because of the high development costs, this change had not happened before.

Digital Products

Award-winning apps developed by us.

In 2014 Tamas founded Mindtech Apps and created MemoryBlink, world's first eye-blink controlled mobile app. As a result of the positive reception of the app, Tamas developed two other blink detection applications with the help of his former lab mates, and Mindtech became a howling success.

History of Mindtech

Half decade with a prospering business

Mindtech combined the quick wins with a well-prepared business strategy, which led to an appreciation and favourable reputation among clients. The company expanded its operation from startups to SMEs and corporate projects, from development to planning, research and workforce optimization.


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